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By taking certain healthy actions, you (and your covered spouse!) can earn health incentive credits each year. Learn more below.

Earn health incentive credits to lower your out-of-pocket costs

Each calendar year, DoD NAF employees, retirees and their families who are enrolled in an Aetna medical plan, have the opportunity to earn Health Incentive Credits for taking healthy actions.   

2019 Health Incentive Credit program

The chart below outlines the 2019 Health Incentive Credit program. Please note that the program is different than the 2018 program. In 2019, employees with individual coverage can earn up to $300 (and those who cover dependents can earn up to $600.)

ActivityHealth Incentive Credit amount
Employees and covered spouses can each earn:
Complete the Health Assessment on
(complete registration, if this is your first time to the site)
Complete metabolic syndrome screening between January 1 and November 30, 2019 $150 
Complete 3 calls with an Aetna Disease Management nurse to achieve a goal 
(not available to overseas employees)
Complete online Journey® (average time 32 days) $75 each; up to 4 Journeys
Dependent children under the age of 18 can each earn:
Complete preventive exam for children under age 18 $50 for each child per year
For all activities, you can earn up to the calendar year maximum of $300 for employee only or $600 for employees who cover dependents.

You can view current and past credits online. Log in to your Aetna Navigator and click on “Incentives” under the “Stay Healthy” section of the home page.

1. Complete the Health Assessment to earn a $75 credit

The Health Assessment is a online questionnaire that covers a wide range of health related topics — and it takes just 15 minutes to complete. Get started now by logging in to and clicking on  “Complete your Assessment” under the "Stay Healthy" section on your home page.

2. Get your metabolic syndrome screening between January 1 and November 30, 2019 to earn a $150 credit

In 2019, if you complete your screening by November 30 you will earn a $150 credit. Your covered spouse is also eligible to earn the credit. There is no cost when you or your covered spouse complete your screening at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center or another network lab. If your doctor does your screening, you may pay a fee. Learn more about the screening and how to schedule it.

3. Complete 3 calls with a Disease Management nurse and earn a $75 credit

If you or your covered spouse live with a chronic medical condition (such as asthma or diabetes), help is available from Aetna’s Disease Management program. The program provides one-on-one support for over 35 conditions. You’ll get help to understand and follow your treatment, make healthy lifestyle and avoid health complications. Complete this incentive by December 31 to receive the $100 credit.

If you’re living with one or more chronic conditions, you can call Aetna Health Connections Disease Management Program at 1-866-269-4500 to learn more about the personal help available to you. 

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