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Metabolic Syndrome - know your numbers then work to improve them

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. One way to stay healthy is to “know your numbers” by completing a biometric screening. This blood test will determine if you have Metabolic Syndrome. This is the name given to a group of risk factors that can set the stage for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Knowing your “numbers” — the results of your screening — gives you the advantage of being able to take action now. By making healthy changes in your diet and activity levels, you can keep serious health conditions from developing and enjoy a better quality of life. Your DoD NAF Health Program provides support and resources to help you improve your numbers.

3 risks, 1 serious condition

Metabolic Syndrome is the term used when a person has three or more of the following risk factors:

Health factorIncreased risk if:
Blood pressure Greater than or equal to 130 over 85 mmHg.
If either number is out of range, the reading is considered a risk factor
Blood sugar or glucose Greater than or equal to 100 mg/dL
Triglycerides Greater than or equal to 150 mg/dL
Central obesity
(waist circumference)
Women: Greater than 35"
Men: Greater than 40"
HDL cholesterol Women: Below 50 mg/dL
Men: Below 40 mg/dL

You have 3 ways to complete your metabolic syndrome screening:

  • Onsite – Check the onsite event screening schedule to find an event near you.
  • At a Quest Diagnostics lab near you. Use DocFind to find one of the 2,200 labs near you.
  • With your doctor - Download the Physician Result Form at My.QuestForHealth.com to take along with you. 
    Note: this is the only option available for Aetna International members.

All three options require you to register with Quest Diagnostics ahead of time.

Below are the registration directions:

  • Visit My.QuestForHealth.com.
  • If this is your first time using the site, use the following information to register:
    • Click on the Register Now link in the Not Registered Yet yellow box
    • Enter your Registration Key which is: DoD2018
    • Provide your Unique ID: W# located on the front of your Aetna ID card. 
    (Spouses add an “S” to the end of the W# located on the front of your Aetna ID card and enter your Date of Birth)
    • Select Get Started to go to the Screening Home Page
  • Select Schedule Now and follow the instructions to schedule your appointment
  • After scheduling, you should receive confirmation and appointment reminder emails.


What to Expect at Your Screening

  • Remember to fast. No food or drinks except water 9-12 hours prior to your appointment, unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you are unable to fast, advise a Quest Diagnostics staff member.
  • Take all medications according to your regular schedule.
  • The screening takes about 15 minutes from check-in to completion, and includes biometric measurements (height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Blood Pressure measurements) and a venipuncture blood draw.

Viewing Your Results  

You’ll receive an email when your online results are ready, typically within three business days. For members in the US, you will also receive a printed results report will arrive in the mail 2-3 weeks after screening. Keep your results handy so you have them to include when you complete your online health assessment. View a sample of the online biometrics screening results report.

Confidentiality Assured  

All information in the assessment and the results report is personal and confidential, as protected by federal law. Your DoD NAF employer and the DoD NAF Health Benefits Program will not have access to your individual results. 

Reduce your risks - we can help!

You can reduce and even reverse all five of the risk factors with lifestyle choices, such as eating better, exercising more and not smoking. You’re never too old — or too young — to start working on better health. Be sure to share your biometric screenings results with your doctor, who can help you with your personal health care needs.

Plus, the Aetna Disease Management Program provides one-on-one support and education from registered nurses who help you can you better understand and manage your health. And what's better — eligible members can earn health incentive credits by participating in the program.