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Social Security numbers removed from Medicare cards

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made the necessary system updates to remove Social Security numbers from Medicare cards and add the new Medicare beneficiary identifier. Medicare members will start receiving the new card with instructions to destroy their old card starting in April of 2018. New cards will continue to be mailed through April 2019.

The new card has a number called the Medicare beneficiary identifier, which is unique to each person and will only be for Medicare coverage. Medicare members are instructed on how to safely and securely destroy their old Medicare card and keep their new Medicare number confidential. The new Medicare card and number will not change coverage or benefits.

Additional information can be found on the CMS website

There’s good news for your health and your pocketbook in 2018

  • For the first time in 17 years, Aetna medical & dental premiums did not increase in 2018. Now, that's good news!   
  • Teladoc: New for post-65 retirees in 2018! Teladoc lets you talk with board-certified primary care doctors and pediatricians via phone or video chat 24/7 for just a $10 copay. Teladoc doctors can consult, treat and prescribe for non-emergency problems like colds, flu, sinus infections, allergies and more.You'll need to register before using the service. Learn more about Teladoc(Teladoc may not be available in all states, or overseas.)
  • Deadline extended to November 30 in 2018  - Earn $150 for completing your biometric screening. The deadline to complete your biometric screening in 2018 will be extended to November 30. That gives you and your covered spouse  plenty of time to complete this important health screening - and earn credit for doing it! Learn more about the screening and the Health Incentive Credit program.

What you need to know and do

Retirees and family members under age 65
The Open Enrollment period for 2018 benefits has ended. However, if you have a qualified family status change, such as a change in marital status, birth or adoption, you may add or remove dependents within 31 days of the change.

Retirees and family members turning age 65
Depending on your NAF employer, you may not be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Traditional Choice indemnity Plan. You will need to check-in with your servicing Human Resources Office to see if there are any actions you need to take to enroll in the Traditional Choice Plan once you turn age 65. You are strongly advised to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. 

Retiree and family members over age 65
Since you are already enrolled in medical
coverage, you do not need to take any action at this time.

2018 Medical & Dental Monthly Premium Rates for Retirees 

TierMedicalMedical & Dental
Retiree only $167.54 $177.27
Retiree + child(ren) $323.36 $342.15
Retiree + spouse $387.02 $409.51
Retiree + family $512.69 $542.48

Note: Premiums do not apply to Exchange retirees who met qualifications for paid post-retirement health care.

Learn more about your health plan: