Know your choices when you need immediate medical care

When something unexpected comes up, there may not be time to make an appointment with your primary care physician (PCP). Get to know your options for care, so you can save time and money when it matters most. Visiting the ER is your most expensive option and should be used only for true emergencies. Learn more about all your care options below.

Still not sure where to go for care? We can help!

  • Start by calling 24-Hour Nurse Line at 1-800-255-2386. A registered nurse can help you decide where to go for care.
  • Or, make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP). From annual physicals to getting that lingering cold checked, your PCP is your partner in health. No PCP? No problem. Use the online provider search to find and compare nearby doctors. Just log in to and click on “Find Care.”

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