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International Traditional Choice Indemnity

Since you reside overseas, the medical plan available to you is International Traditional Choice® Indemnity Plan from Aetna. 

  • This plan gives you the freedom to receive care from any licensed provider, and pays the same level of benefits regardless of which provider you use.
  • Once you meet the annual deductible, the plan typically pays a percentage of the expense (usually 80%) based on recognized charges, and you pay the balance (usually 20%). This is called “coinsurance.”
  • You pay for the cost of your care up front. Then, you complete and submit a claim form to Aetna to be reimbursed for covered expenses. You can do this using the mobile app (Aetna International Mobile Assistant) or the member portal i.e. Health Hub on
  • This plan includes comprehensive prescription drug coverage.

In addition, members have access to international health care “concierge” services through Aetna International. You'll have support to help you and your family use your health benefits and receive quality care — no matter where in the world you live. You'll have access to:

  • Multilingual member service professionals that are available 24 hours a day by toll-free phone, fax or e-mail. They can:
    • Assist you with pre-trip planning
    • Help you find health care services around the world
    • Answer your questions about claims and coverage
    • Process and pay claims in any language and in more than 100 currencies, using a check, wire or direct deposit
  • The Care and Response Excellence (CARE) team that combines both clinical and logistical expertise, to ensure you receive high quality health care solutions wherever you are in the world. The CARE team coordinates the activities of internal staff and care programs, and external agencies, including hospitals, pharmacies and airlines, to support your health needs. They will ensure you have access to high quality clinical treatments and ongoing care to support your needs, and the needs of eligible dependent family members.
  • The Health Hub website that provides personalized support for your health and wellness. They will not only respond to your health care needs, but anticipate them, protecting you from potential problems. This website gives you access to:
    • Your plan and policy information
    • Doctor, hospitals and health care facilities where ever you are
    • An online claims center
    • Our health library, which contains the information you need to keep fit and healthy
    • International Health Guides, with vaccination and general health care advice about the country you're travelling to
    • A Health Assessment tool that helps you to understand possible health risks, and encourages healthy behavior
  • AI Mobile Assistant Icon.jpgThe Aetna International Mobile Assistant app. This helpful app is free to download. Just search 'Aetna International' in the App Store or Google Play store. To access the app you'll need to be registered on first. If you haven’t already registered just click "Login/Register" on the home page to get started.

    You can use the Mobile Assistant to:
    • Submit and track your claims
    • Find the documents, forms and health care resources you need
    • Search for doctors and hospitals

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