Studies show that bacteria in your mouth can cause cardiovascular disease. Your dentist can help eliminate bacteria with regular cleanings.


Passive PPO Dental Plan

  • This plan gives you the freedom to use any licensed dentist.
  • If you choose to use a dentist in the network, they generally charge less than out-of-network dentists since Aetna has negotiated rates with them. This means you pay less for your dental care. Network dental providers also file claims for you.
  • If you choose to use a dentist that is not in the Aetna dental network, our benefits are based on the recognized charge for that service in your geographic area — which is higher than the negotiated fee. As a result, you will pay more. In addition, you may need to file your own claims with Aetna to be reimbursed for your covered expenses.
  • Preventive dental care is covered at 100% regardless of the licensed dentist you use. For more advanced care, the plan pays a portion of the expense, depending on the services you receive.

Please Note:
• Only regular part-time and regular full-time employees are eligible for dental benefits.
• Flex employees are not eligible for dental benefits.
• Retirees are eligible for the Passive PPO dental plan; not the Stand Alone Dental plan.

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